Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva

First Gran Reserva of the Partagas brand.
Premium tobacco leaves have been carefully aged for five years and meticulously blended and hand-rolled to produce this outstanding cigar with the Partagas characteristics.

Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007
49 ring gauge (19,45 mm) x 194 mm
5000 numbered cases of 15 units

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Romeo De Luxe Limited Edition

The third Limited Edition released for 2013.
This is an exclusive "Capuleto" vitola for the Romeo & Julieta brand in limited quantities and totally handmade from an exquisite selection of wrapper, filler and binder leaves of the Vuelta Abajo plantations aged at least for two years.

Romeo de Luxe
52 ring gauge (20,64 mm) x 162 mm
Varnished box of 10 with protector

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Punch Serie D'Oro No.2 Limited Edition

The second Limited Edition released for 2013.
A first-time limited edition for the Punch brand the vitola comes as a figurado - tapered at the end - and displays the distinct medium aromatic flavor of the line.

Punch Serie D'Oro No. 2
52 ring gauge (20,64 mm) x 140 mm
Labelled box with clasp of 25

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Hoyo de Monterrey Grand Epicure Limited Edition

The first Limited Edition released for 2013.
The "Grand Epicure" is a specially selected vitola for this limited edition and displays the brand's delicate yet aromatic flavor. An excellent choice for smokers who enjoy a taste of great elegance and complexity.

Hoyo de Monterrey Grand Epicure
55 ring gauge (21,83 mm) x 130 mm
Sliding box of 10 units

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Cohiba Pirámides Extra in Tubes

This vitola is now available in tubes, the first one in the Línea Clásica of Cohiba. Smokers will not only enjoy the medium to full flavor of this cigar, but also the innovative design of the tube and its newly incorporated security features.

Cohiba Pirámides Extra
54 ring gauge (21,43 mm) x 160 mm
Pack of 3 in aluminium tubes

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Montecristo Double Edmundo

A new member of Montecristo's Edmundo line featuring the new Montecristo ring design.

Montecristo Double Edmundo
50 ring gauge (19.84 mm) x 155 mm
SBN box of 10 and 25 and pack of 3 units

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Bolívar Libertador

A new vitola of the Bolívar brand exclusively available at La Casa Del Habano stores. Smokers will enjoy the full flavour and rich aroma that is characteristic of this line.

Bolívar Libertador
Ring gauge 54 (21,43 mm) x 164 mm
SBN box of 10 units

Montecristo Petit No.2

A figurado in the classic style of the Montecristo No.2.

Montecristo Petit No.2
52 ring gauge(20,64 mm) x 120 mm
Labelled box of 10 and 25 units

H.Upmann Connossieur A

This vitola is an invitation for those who prefer the elegant taste and aroma unmistakably found in the brand. Available at La Casa Del Habano stores.

H.Upmann Connossieur A
Ring gauge 52 (20,64 mm) x 140 mm
SLB box of 25 units